BRISA has 30 years of experience supporting companies through the use of information technology and telecommunications.

We have comprehensive experience in software testing, particularly mobile devices, software development and custom solutions. Our portfolio of clients includes several international organizations from different market segments and we have already performed over 20,000 successful projects in more than 20 countries and four different languages.

As part of our growth strategy, BRISA America Corp, USA subsidiary of BRISA, has been established in Celebration, Florida to expand our international presence. We are focused on offering our services, products and skills as a new attractive and competitive alternative to the global market.

We are very well positioned in the Brazilian market with a team of more than 250 full-time, highly qualified employees with very low turnover. Other key differentiators are the western culture and one-to-three hours' time zone difference in comparison with USA EST, making the interaction, support and travel efforts much easier. We believe that we can provide your company with a more focused, agile, flexible and responsive service than our large global competitors.

For 30 years, we’ve provided business solutions and technology services through the development of strategic and technical projects.

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We've helped global businesses ensure efficiency with software development, testing and consulting services.

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We've performed more than 20,000 successful projects in over 20 different countries around the world.

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