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BRISA has proven expertise in all platforms within software testing for national and international companies, from both public and private sectors.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory TestingDoes your software have no documentation?

Through exploratory testing, we can map the software and set up a testing strategy based on risk or features that will be most used by users. Generally, exploratory tests are performed when there is no documentation or when the deadline for testing is short.

Automated Testing

Automated TestingDoes your development team use an iterative/incremental model?

Through automated testing, it is possible to design automated test scripts to evaluate if side effects or failures were introduced into the software due to maintenance, upgrades or enhancements of modules or components. Automated tests are recommended for systems that use iterative/incremental models. By running the scripts, test times in later cycles are shorter, thereby reducing costs for the organization.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Does your software fit the predicted number of users?

By executing performance testing, it is possible to learn the web system response time and other information, such as latency and the time needed to establish a connection between a user and the server. It's important to remember that the number of users or requests will increase over time. Many organizations develop their software and only discover it does not support the expected number of users after the system is already in production. Why not perform a test beforehand and make the necessary changes then?

Load Testing

Load Testing What if a large amount of users access your system all at once?

By executing load testing, it is possible to know the web response time when many users are accessing the system simultaneously. Generally, these access peaks occur at specific times, such as employee's entry time or even during the release of a system or web page. During the various requests, the server may not hold up and slow down or even crash. It's important to know the limit of your system.

Stress Testing

Stress TestingWhat if the accesses to the software last a long period of time?

By executing stress testing, you can learn how the software will behave to random requests over a period of time. Some software, after a few hours of use, start to show instability through slowing down or crashing. It can happen if the system is not ready to close sessions properly, thus overloading the servers. This problem is aggravated when the software is then accessed by a large number of users.

Functional Testing

Functional TestingDo the requirements projected for your software work?

Through functional testing, it is possible to reduce the risks of problems in the operating environment, while contributing to the quality of the software if the defects found are corrected. The functional tests are needed in order to validate contractual requirements, legal requirements or decrease the incidence of defects in production. When users find failures in software, the costs to correct them are much higher compared to when they are found during the development cycles.

Usability Testing

Usability TestingIs your software easily understood by the users, intuitive and easy to operate?

Through usability testing, you can tell if your software is easy to operate by users. Complex flows and little intuitive software hamper the usage of systems, which then reduces employee productivity and hinders customers receiving information. For e-commerce platforms, as an example, shopping can be set aside by the lack of clarity of the software functions.

Customized Testing

Customized Testing Is your data protected from attacks and invasions?

We can merge test activities, create different test scenarios, and validate the most diverse situations, from APIs to IoT, protocols, etc. Whatever the solution you may have, call us and together we can figure out the best way to meet your needs.

Why Choose BRISA?

BRISA utilizes only experienced, qualified professionals and the best industry practices to bring perfection to the process.

Decades of research converted to methodologies, like PMBok and ISTQB, have enabled the formation of standards like TMMi. These have become the basis for the success of new projects. Our certifications demonstrate the use of these standards and ensure the efficiency in the process, which guarantees delivery of high quality artifacts.


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