Power Dialer


With Power Dialer, your employees can spend less time conducting manual, routine calls and more time bringing in new sales and upselling current clients. Power Dialer also eliminates the need for a call center, saving you outsourcing costs. Your company can also reduce the amount of necessary phone agents since many of the calling processes can now be completely automated.

Power Dialer’s advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface provides the flexibility and customization options necessary for conducting successful, high-volume phone operations.


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  • Identification Capabilities and Separate Message Settings for Live Responses and Answering Machines
  • Comprehensive Call Rules for Business Hours and Time-Zone Settings
  • Customizable Plans for Busy Signals and No Answers
  • Specific Prerecorded Messages for Machines and Voicemails
  • Multiple Campaign Capabilities With Text-To-Speech (TTS) Functionality
  • Ability to Have the Software Loaded on Your Own Infrastructure for Full Control and Added Security