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BRISA continues to demonstrate the use of best practices and industry standards to provide business solutions that ensure the efficiency of your operations.

Success Stories

L G clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

BRISA has been successfully responsible for 100% of LGE mobile software testing in Latin America, including laboratory and field tests aimed at carrier homologation and end user satisfaction. This is what promoted BRISA as a benchmark for all other LGE labs around the world.

Itau clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

BRISA successfully validated the retail mobile banking solution for several platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows phone and website reflexes.

Positivo clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

We successfully performed hardware and software tests for Positivo, the largest Brazilian computer manufacturer, in order to ensure end user satisfaction.

Lexmark clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

BRISA developed workflow applications for different market industries, such as banking, retail, insurance, etc.

L G clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

Explicitly for mobile devices, we developed basic software and applications (productivity, entertainment, etc.) and performed quality assurance (user interface, network and field testing).

Flextronics clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

We developed mobile phone applications to access the ERP and ensured systems management and budget control via web.

Quanta clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

We created systems for automotive tracking management and quality assurance, as well as configured applications for automotive trackers in the field.

Positivo clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

Our team developed and tested systems and embedded applications on computers.

Santander clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

For over 10 years, Banco Santander has been using Power Dialer to successfully make collections calls. Power Dialer solves more than 90% of calls, meaning less than 10% of the collections calls must be transferred to a human agent. This results in employee headcount cost savings at the call center structure.

U NEAR clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

UNEAR uses Power Dialer to place over 4 million monthly informative and sales calls on behalf of a large satellite-based pay-TV company. From recurrent campaigns to service interruptions information, our dialer makes and manages all of their automatic calls.

Caixa Seguros clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

Caixa Seguros, a leading South American insurance company, successfully used Power Dialer to contact its consortium and pension funds customers. Power Dialer was responsible for the entire length of each call, providing a variety of customer-specific information and enabling an average reduction of 20% of customer calls to Caixa’s human agents.

Itau clients-case-studies-brisa-usa

Itaú Unibanco extensively adopted our automatic dialer to make sales calls to their customers in order to offer credit card products. This resulted in a 7% sales performance improvement in comparison with the conventional human agents approach.

Client Testimonials

"BRISA has worked with us for over 10 years. Their constant search for improvements throughout the process and always aiming for client satisfaction is what differentiates them. The relationship grew for every project, which helped maintain great trust and respect on both sides. We celebrate each success and learn from every challenge we face together."
– Mauricio Kazuo Okawa
General Manager – LG Electronics Product Validation – Latin America
"BRISA understood our business and not only developed software to facilitate the current jobs, but gave us a powerful tool that opened up a whole new range of opportunities."
– Silvio Cirelli
Quanta Technology President

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